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Many caregivers find themselves in difficult situations as their loved ones age, just as Barbara's daughter did. Before finding PACE, Barbara's former doctor recommended that she move into an assisted living facility, but her daughter was determined to keep Barbara at home. Together, with Senior TLC, Barbara has been able to remain at home with her loved ones.

Barbara Grier, A PACE Success Story

I would break my medication in half because co-pays were $150-$175 a month and I couldn’t afford it.  I needed glasses and paid extra to my Insurance company so I could have an eye doctor, but the doctor was far away and didn’t have a way there!   I couldn’t hear well and this affected my whole life.  But when I came to PACE, I got a Hearing aide, glasses and I am able to take my medications like I need them.

I heard about the PACE program, Cathy came to my house. I told her my life story, she told me about the program. 


I had this dream, of an overall program and bringing it under one umbrella to take care of a Senior’s needs.  PACE is truly a dream come true. Physical Therapy got me out of the wheelchair and I got my rollator. I got to go back to church and all type of activities and started getting back out in the community and I love it!

Since I’ve been in the program, I have helped plan a Thanksgiving & Christmas play 2014, Christmas play & Easter in 2015, 4 plays in 2016 and several skits.  We made the costumes for Patriot & Easter day and we are planning a Thanksgiving play now! We have so much fun and I really enjoy putting the plays together.


I’m in the center 2 days a week.  I enjoy the Nu-step bicycle, it gives me more strength and water aerobics 2x week. I’m thankful for the medical care in the clinic.  Physical Therapy gets a blue ribbon! They work together to do what is best for the participant.


“I just thank God for PACE.   I have prayer book that I list my prayers and I thank God he answered my prayer of putting together a dream team!  It should be this way for seniors all over the country!”

- Barbara Grier

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PACE Month

Gov Roy Cooper PACE Month Press Release

In September we take time to celebrate PACE, our mission, vision, and values. 

Here at Senior TLC, our mission is to encourage and support the quality of life of seniors wishing to continue living in the community. As a PACE program, we support aging adults living at home by providing medical and supportive services. 

This year, Governor Roy Cooper released a proclamation, proclaiming September 2023 as "PACE Month," to be observed by all of North Carolina.

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