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Adult Day Health Center

Our adult day health center is open five days a week to provide a fun and friendly place where you'll find medical, rehab, and supportive services. Take pleasure in meals with friends and social activities.


Our adult day health center is staffed with energetic and compassionate individuals who are trained in caring for the elderly population. 

We offer a range of activities to support your mental and physical well-being in our center. Our activity calendar is posted monthly to give families and participants information on day-to-day activities.

Our 5:1 participant to CNA ratio allows us to provide hands-on care through the day. We are able to assist with toileting, feeding, and other daily activities as needed.

Main Day Center

Memory Garden

Our Memory Garden is a sub-section of our adult day health center designed to cater to the needs of individuals with Alzheimer's Disease, Dementia, or related diagnosis.

The Memory Garden provides our participants with a safe and secure area to enjoy the same social activities, but on a smaller scale to minimize potentially stressful and over stimulating situations.

Snozelen Room

Senior TLC is excited to announce an addition of a Snoezelen® Multi-Sensory room to the day center. A Snoezelen® Multi-Sensory room is a specialized set of sensory equipment and materials that provide participants with sensory stimulation, can help participants adapt their responses to sensory stimuli, and help advance therapy goals. Our Snoezelen® room is tailored to fit the needs of participants suffering from dementia and other cognative challenges.


Our dietary staff and registered dieticians work closely together to insure that meals are nutritious and accommodations can be made for allergies and specific diets, such as, cardiac, diabetic, and renal.

A sandwich or salad can also be offered if the menu item is not desired.

Primary Care

We have two clinics within our adult day health center for primary care services.

Our geriatric primary care providers are skilled geriatric practitioners who understand the healthcare needs of aging adults.

Our providers care for fewer patients than the average provider, allowing for accelerated appointment scheduling and flexibility for care within the home, clinic, and the community. Click here to see our medical providers!

Physical and Occupational Therapy

Within our center is also a therapy and rehabilitation gym. Our physical and occupational therapists work with participants based on individual need both at home and in the center.

We may also provide you with an assistive device such as a wheelchair, walker, rollator, or cane, if deemed medically necessary.

Senior TLC, Physical and Occupational Therapy for Seniors

Social Work and Behavioral Health

At Senior TLC, your mental health is just as important as your physical health. We have both social workers and behavioral health specialists on site to attend to your mental health needs.

Your social worker is also available to assist you with housing applications, food resources, clothing needs, and other community-based resources.

Senior TLC Social Workers assist with social needs.
Senior TLC Pharmacy and Medication Delivery Gastonia, NC

Pharmacy and Medication

Our on-site pharmacy allows for families and participants to not only pick up medications, but also to receive clinical guidance, if needed. We also utilize a medication mailing system for eligible participants.

Any medications needed throughout the day, while in the center, will be administered by a medication technician.

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