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Personalized Care is our Specialty.

Senior TLC provides full-service, personalized healthcare to support seniors wishing to age at home. Our Program of

All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) meets the changing needs of seniors, often at no cost.

Care customized to fit your needs.

At Senior TLC, you are supported by a dedicated and experienced team that will coordinate your care.

Senior TLC Primary Care

Primary & Specialty Care

Senior TLC Senior Transportation

Transportation Services

Senior TLC In-Home Care Services

Personal Care Services

Senior TLC Healthcare Coverage

Dental, Vision & Hearing

Senior TLC Prescription Coverage

Medications & Management

Senior TLC Therapy Services

Rehabilitation & Therapy

Senior TLC Hospital Coverage

Hospital Coverage

Senior TLC Adult Day Care

Socialization & Activities

No cost to most seniors who enroll.

Our services are usually at no cost for seniors who qualify for Medicaid. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that all of your healthcare needs will be covered without copays, premiums, or deductibles.

Your PACE Care Team

We believe in putting you first. 

Get the care you need, stay in the home you love.

Discover a transformative solution for your aging loved ones' needs – PACE. We understand the challenges that come with providing top-notch senior care. Driving your loved ones from one appointment to another, coordinating their medications, and navigating fragmented healthcare systems can be overwhelming. Moreover, leaving them home alone, devoid of supervision, companionship, and interaction, is a constant concern.

That is where PACE comes in. Our comprehensive senior care program offers a holistic approach to cater to your loved ones' needs. Say goodbye to the hassle of transportation as our dedicated senior transportation service ensures seamless journeys to appointments and engagements. No more fragmented communication between healthcare providers – we streamline the process, fostering coordination and enhancing the quality of care.

Caregiver Support
Senior TLC Senior Center

PACE, a different kind of care.

With PACE, your aging loved ones can enjoy the benefits of a dedicated senior center, where they can engage in a wide array of activities, receive educational resources, and become part of a vibrant community. We prioritize their well-being, providing the supervision, companionship, and interaction they desire and need.

Experience peace of mind knowing that your loved ones are receiving the best possible care with PACE. Embrace this transformative solution and ensure a fulfilling and secure future for your aging family members.

Mission, Vision & Values

The Mission of Senior TLC is to encourage and support the quality of life of seniors wishing to continue living in the community.


The Vision for Senior TLC is to be the preferred provider of individualized care for seniors in the communities we serve.


Our Values:


We will demonstrate respect for our participants and team members.


We will act with integrity.


We will be accountable to our participants and team members.


We will work towards achieving compatible goals with our participants and team members.


We will demonstrate compassionate care for our participants and team members.

Senior TLC Certified Nursing Assistant

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Text us at: 704-753-8132 to see if Senior TLC is right for you!


1875 Remount Rd.

Gastonia, NC 28054


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