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Find Doctors,

who specialize in care for older adults.


Senior TLC is personalized healthcare and insurance for adults 55 and older.


It is for people who have 1, 2, or more medical conditions that need a little extra help and support to they can stay in charge of their own life.

Complete Medical Care

Rides to Doctors Appointments

Dental, Vision, and Hearing Included

100% Medication Coverage

Help at Home

Physical Therapy and Rehab Services

“When I came to PACE, I got hearing aids, glasses, and I am able to take my medications like I need."

Barbara Grier

Participant Since 2014

Contact Us!

Fill out the form, or give us a call at 704-874-0600 or


Text us at: +17047538132 to see if Senior TLC is right for you!


1875 Remount Rd.

Gastonia, NC 28054

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Call 704-874-0600 to learn how we can be of help to you.
Senior TLC, Healthcare at Your PACE. Call Us Today!


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