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Senior's are excited about the services that Senior TLC Offers such as In Home Care, Senior Transportation, and more.

Living at Home
Your Goal, Our Priority.

"Visit us for the care you need,
Stay in the home you love."

On Site Services – Personal Care Services & Skilled Nursing Care –  Local Medical Specialists

PACE is a Different Kind of Senior Care....

We all want the best care for our aging loved ones, but getting that care can be frustrating. If you have an aging loved one, you know what it’s like to drive them from appointment to appointment; manage their medications and deal with healthcare providers who don’t talk to one another. You struggle with leaving your loved one at home, alone, without the supervision or the companionship and interaction they want and need. PACE may be the answer!

Barbara Grier, A PACE Success Story

Gaston's Great Podcast with Senior TLC's Executive Director Cathy Kenzig and Medical Director Alan Clark

What is PACE

PACE, (Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly), is a comprehensive health care program for seniors who have disabilities or health concerns and wish to remain in their home while receiving all needed medical and supportive services.

How Do I Enroll

To discuss whether Senior TLC is right for you or a family member, call us today at


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1875 Remount Road
Gastonia, NC 28054

Toll Free 855-327-7852
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